Monthly Parker Carpool Permit Policy

Updated 09/06/2023

Monthly Parker Carpool Permit Program Guidelines  

1. Eligible Participants: At the time of enrollment in the Program, prospective participants must be BCAR Monthly parkers in good standing or if they are not a current BCAR customer, enroll as a BCAR monthly parker. BCAR monthly parker application forms can be obtained at the BCAR office or from the BCAR website:  The BCAR Carpool Permit application is available on the BCAR website at: and in the BCAR office located at 255 Pearl Street, Buffalo, New York 14202.  Individuals interested in carpooling who do not already have a carpool arrangement with other commuters can indicate this in their application. BCAR will provide potential matches from other applicants on a regular basis.  

2. Carpool Riders Per Vehicle: A minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) per vehicle. If a participating carpool group is a high-capacity vanpool, a maximum of 15 riders is allowed.  

3. Parking Space Location: Participants will be provided a nested parking space in a convenient, lower-level ramp location as an incentive to participate in the Program. A rear-view mirror hang-tag will be provided that must be displayed. Only one (1) car per day per carpool group may park in the ramp.  

4. Access Tag Distribution: A carpool group account will be created with each participant of that group added to it. Each person will use their existing monthly access tag in their vehicle if driving that day. Only one (1) access tag belonging to that carpool group will be allowed in the ramp at any given time. Should a second tag attempt to enter the ramp, it will be denied access, and the gate will not open. Also please ensure you use your access tag in the proper entry/exit sequence at all times (IN - OUT). Should your usage become out of sync for any reason, please call the office.  

5. One (1) BCAR daily coupon/month provided to each participant upon request for anticipated times participants have personal or emergency situations that require use of their personal vehicle.  Carpool participants are also eligible for the Part Time Monthly Parker Program which offers a reduced rate for 10 or 14 exits per month to supplement the carpool program.  

6. Through GO Buffalo Niagara's Guaranteed Ride Home Program, each BCAR Carpool  Permit Participant will be eligible to receive up to $200 in free Uber, Lyft, or taxi rides per  calendar year ($50 maximum per ride excluding gratuities; 2 rides per month maximum)  for emergency or unforeseen circumstances. Such situations include unexpected  personal or family emergencies, unscheduled overtime, carpool driver leaving work early  for a personal or family emergency, or carpool vehicle failure.  All carpool participants will be automatically registered for the Guaranteed Ride Home  Program. A welcome email will be sent to the participants with instructions on how to  utilize the program.  Additional information may be found on the following website:  

7. BCAR will offer a monthly seminar for prospective participants to explain the Program and fill out application forms. Seminars will be offered on a regular early to mid-month time frame to facilitate enrollment in the succeeding month.  

8. Participants have the guaranteed option to return to single monthly status upon written request to BCAR by the 15th of the month preceding the 1st day of the month they are requesting restoration to monthly parker status.  This guaranteed option is available for 90 days from the time the participant starts the Carpool Permit program with BCAR.

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