Monthly Parking Rules

Updated January 1, 2019

1) Monthly parking is a reduced rate privilege that does not guarantee the availability of space every day, although every effort will be made to accommodate parking. Should no space be available, see the cashier for alternative parking. 

2) Monthly parking fees are payable in advance of the first day of the month (payable to BCAR). Failure to make the payment by the fifth (5th) calendar day of the month by 6:00pm will result in your access being invalidated (locked out). If your access is invalidated, you must pay the daily fee for each day used and a late fee of $10.00. The only time a late fee will be waived is if you sign up for direct debit or recurring credit card. A service charge of $25.00 will be added to your account for any checks returned to us for insufficient funds. Repeat occurrences will result in loss of monthly parking privileges. Payments should be given to the cashier at the ramp where you park or mailed to the main office of BCAR located at 255 Pearl St., Buffalo, NY 14202. 

Only Checks, Money Orders or Direct Debit are acceptable forms of payment. 

BCAR does not accept cash. The access card number should be written in the memo portion of the check or money order each month. If you pay by money order, your name should be legible. If you are paying for another monthly, their name should also appear with their access card number. As of February 1, 2012, BCAR will accept credit card payments either as a recurring entry each month or you can pay online by accessing our website. There will be a $2.00 convenience fee per parker per month for credit card payments. If you wish to cancel any of these services, you must call the main office by the 26th of the month. 

3) Skipping months is prohibited. If you do not renew each month, every month, your space will be sold to the first person on the waiting list and you will no longer have monthly privileges. You will still be liable for the unpaid month(s). The only exception will be for medical disability and requires notifying the BCAR office in advance 

4) Parking fees are due and valid for a full calendar month basis only. Depending where you park, a $20.00 deposit or a $30.00 deposit is required for each access pass when first issued. If you paid the $20.00 or $30.00 deposit, it is refundable when the pass is returned in good condition. Lost or damaged passes must be replaced at the customer’s expense. All access passes are to be returned on the last day of the month with the name and mailing address if the customer will not be renewing for the following month 

5) All new monthlies will be activated for the 1st of the month. No prorating is allowed. Monthly parking tags are good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The access tag must be displayed on the front windshield. The monthly parking pass entitles you to park only one vehicle in the parking facility at a time. The monthly pass must be used each time that you enter and exit the parking facility whether or not the gates are in the opened or closed position. This is necessary for traffic counts. Monthly passes must be used in the proper sequence for entrance and exit at all times. Failure to do so will result in a system lock-out and considerable inconvenience and expense to you. Monthly passes must be displayed everyday while using the facility. Any transfer of monthly passes is prohibited and will result in the loss of monthly parking privileges. 

6) Parking is permitted only in those spaces that are not designated as a reserve or nest unless you have paid for a reserved or nested space. If you park in a reserved space not your own or in the nested area, you will be issued a $50.00 parking violation and/or have your vehicle towed from the facility. Repeated occurrences will result in loss of your monthly parking privileges. 

7) If you do not park between the yellow lines or if you park your large vehicle in areas marked “compact cars only”, you will be issued a $50.00 parking violation and/or have your vehicle towed from the facility. You will pay for any parking fines and/or towing fees assessed, if this action should occur. 

8) Spaces designated for handicap parking shall be used only by parkers who are legally authorized to park in one of these spaces. The handicap tag must be displayed. 

9) You must observe all posted rules, regulations, and signs of the facility and directions of the Operator. Violations of these and other terms and conditions explained herein may result in the forfeiture of privileges, at the discretion of BCAR. Harassment of attendants will result in loss of monthly parking privileges. Please report any discourteous BCAR employee to the office. 

10) This agreement is a personal license to the holder of the access pass to enable that person to park a vehicle at this facility at the holder’s sole risk. Only a license is granted hereby, and no bailment is created with respect to any vehicle, including its contents, on the premises of the facility. 

11) WARNING: Vehicles should be locked and the contents thereof, especially cell phone, GPS, radar detectors, etc., secured in the trunk or other out of sight storage area of the vehicle. The city of Buffalo and/or BCAR are not responsible for any loss or damage by fire, theft, collision, or any other cause to any vehicle or part thereof, or the contents of any vehicle.

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