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Convenient parking ramps, lots and standard low rates are the hallmark of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (BCAR). But we've got one other benefit no one else can claim. Park your vehicle in a BCAR lot or ramp and you're also supporting the City of Buffalo. BCAR is a non-profit entity, formed to manage downtown Buffalo parking facilities. Our goal? To work in partnership with the City of Buffalo to provide safe, affordable, high quality public parking at the most reasonable cost to you, the consumer. Read more about how your parking fees are invested back into Buffalo to improve parking lots, ramps, roads and other public needs in the City of Buffalo.


Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps is looking to fill an open position for an Executive Director.


Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps is looking to fill an open position for an Executive Director. Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter to, along with salary expectations. The deadline for applicants is August 17, 2020. Job Description: Executive Director POSITION OVERVIEW: The Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (“BCAR”) seeks...

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Coronavirus Update


All monthly payments are due before the 1st of the month. With social distancing, there will be no cashier in the booth at this time and collecting paper checks will be a problem . BCAR is strongly encouraging customers to enroll in an automatic payment option: Direct...

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OPTIONAL Part Time Monthly Parker Program


With more downtown workers working from their homes instead of offices in the central business district, BCAR has started a new "part time" monthly program. This program is a new OPTION available for those that are interested. You can still keep your 24/7 monthly or continue to suspend...

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Electric Vehicle Charging Policy


Electric vehicle charging stations are now available at all locations. View Electric Vehicle Charging Policy for additional information.

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Construction Update


Structural repairs began for the season at Turner and Augspurger on May 18th.

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