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Convenient parking ramps, lots and standard low rates are the hallmark of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (BCAR). But we've got one other benefit no one else can claim. Park your vehicle in a BCAR lot or ramp and you're also supporting the City of Buffalo. 

BCAR is a non-profit entity, formed to manage downtown Buffalo parking facilities. Our goal? To work in partnership with the City of Buffalo to provide safe, affordable, high quality public parking at the most reasonable cost to you, the consumer. 

Read more about how your parking fees are invested back into Buffalo to improve parking lots, ramps, roads and other public needs in the City of Buffalo.


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What's Happening


 Watch for regular news updates about changes underway at our lots, ramps and facilities. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our facilities for you, our valued customers.



The Pearl St elevators will be back in service the week of August 28th. After Labor Day, Franklin Street elevators will be taken out of service to continue the $1.343M project to install all new elevator passenger cars, motors and equipment in all four Fernbach Ramp elevators.  The work on the Franklin St elevators should conclude by mid-November 2017. The new equipment will be much more energy efficient and the cars will almost double in speed, from 200 feet per minute to 350 feet per minute. BCAR thanks all of its Fernbach customers for their patience leading up to the beginning of this work which was delayed for a number of reason beyond our control. Funding is being provided by the City of Buffalo.


Major Phase 1 construction work will begin in the Turner Ramp on Friday, April 7, 2017, that will take several months to complete. Through at least the week of April 10th, up to 120 parking spaces on the roof will be unavailable for parking to permit the removal of asphalt material and repairs to the concrete deck. During construction All MONTHLY, NESTED AND RESERVED PARKERS WILL BE ACCOMODATED. A LIMITED NUMBER OF TRANSIENT / TICKET CUSTOMERS CAN BE ACCOMODATED AND PERMITTED ENTRY. ONLY MONTHLY CUSTOMERS WILL BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE RAMP WHEN FULL SIGNS ARTE PLACED AT THE ENTRY LANES NEAR THE STREET CURB. All customers should be very alert for changed traffic patterns and drive very slowly through the Ramp.

Regular updates will be posted on the BCAR website on work progress, new developments and the number of spaces that will be displaced.

We appreciate your patience while we make needed improvements to the Ramp. Any questions may be directed to Bill Witnauer, 849.5812 x 315.


Phase 1 construction work will begin in the Augspurger Ramp on April 10, 2017. Work will continue for several months. During the week of April 10th, approximately 20 parking spaces will be taken out of service. Like the Turner Ramp, ALL MONTHLY, NESTED AND RESERVED CUSTOMERS WILL BE ACCOMODATED AND HAVE A PLACE TO PARK. A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPACES FOR TRANSIENT  OR TICKETED CUSTOMERS WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE RAMP. ONLY MONTHLY CUSTOMERS WILL BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE RAMP WHEN THE FULL SIGNS ARE PLACED NEAR THE ENTRY LANES NEAR THE CURBS.

Extra caution and vehicle speed should be exercised during construction.

Phase 1 work in the Turner and Augspurger Ramps represent $3,000,000 in work. Phase 2, under design, will add another $2,800,000 in work, all funded by City of Buffalo Bonds.


Any questions may be directed to Bill Witnauer at the phone number listed above.



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