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Convenient parking ramps, lots and standard low rates are the hallmark of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (BCAR). But we've got one other benefit no one else can claim. Park your vehicle in a BCAR lot or ramp and you're also supporting the City of Buffalo. 

BCAR is a non-profit entity, formed to manage downtown Buffalo parking facilities. Our goal? To work in partnership with the City of Buffalo to provide safe, affordable, high quality public parking at the most reasonable cost to you, the consumer. 

Read more about how your parking fees are invested back into Buffalo to improve parking lots, ramps, roads and other public needs in the City of Buffalo.


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 Watch for regular news updates about changes underway at our lots, ramps and facilities. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our facilities for you, our valued customers.



The $1.343M total renovation of all four Fernbach Elevators is 90% complete. Work started in April 2017 on the two Pearl Street side elevators, and work was completed in July 2017. Those elevators were immediately placed into service.

Work then began on the Franklin Street side elevators, taking them out of service in August 2017. Work has continued, on time and on budget since then.

By mid to late December 2017 the Franklin Street elevator work will be completed. Elevators will then be inspected and run to insure customer safety and placed back in service.

This has been a major project, long overdue. BCAR would like to thank all of its Fernbach customers for their patience and cooperation and is confident they will enjoy much better elevator service for many years to come.  


Significant concrete repair and supplemental post-tension structural support work has been completed over the 2017 construction season. A new traffic wearing surface has been applied to approximately one half of the roof, after a great deal of old asphalt material was removed from the roof. A new traffic surface was installed on portions of the roof as weather permitted. Most parking spaces removed from service during construction will be returned to service by December 4, 2017. Additional drain repair work and connections will be completed over the next few weeks, concluding work for this construction season. 

Work on this $2.16M project will continue in the 2018 construction season. 


Removal and replacement of all damaged concrete in the older section of the ramp was completed in the 2017 construction season. Old asphalt material from the roof was removed and a new traffic membrane surface was successfully installed on a large section of the roof, and those parking spaces have been returned to service. 

$400,000 in repairs to the roof of the new section of the Augspurger Ramp were successfully completed. 

The remaining work under Phase 1 of the Augspurger Ramp repairs, totaling $1.46M will be constructed with the start of the 2018 construction season, mainly final roof repairs and the installation of a new traffic wearing surface. Most displaced parking spaces will be returned to service beginning the first week of December 2017. 

As is the case with the Fernbach Elevator Modernization Project, BCAR would like to thank all of its customers for their patience and cooperation while these major repair projects were underway. It is greatly appreciated. 


Phase 2 Design / Construction

Design work has begun for Phase 2 of additional repair work in the Turner and Augspurger ramps. Bid Drawings and specifications are being prepared by architects for bidding and award during the Spring of 2018. 

Total value of this work is $2.8M. When Phase 1 and 2 work for the Turner and Augspurger Ramp work is combined with the Fernbach Elevator Project, total costs are approximately $5.0M.

The City of Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown and his Administration have been largely responsible for making these improvements possible. From providing bond financing to technical support and working with the BCAR Board of Directors and staff, these major improvements were made possible with the assistance and support of Mayor Brown and the City of Buffalo.  


Any questions may be directed to Bill Witnauer at  716-849-5812 x 315.



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