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Monthly Parking, Waiting Lists and Deposits

Getting Started

Please call the BCAR office at 849-5812 (Ext. 310) from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM or email to find out if a spot is available for you in the ramp or lot of your choice now, or if you should instead complete our Waiting List form. Thank you.

Monthly Parking

A designated number of parking spaces are available at each location for monthly parking permits. See our lists on this page for information on which spaces are now open, and which require you to register on our waiting list. As soon as a spot becomes available in your preferred location, you will be contacted to complete our Monthly Parking Application form. 

Waiting List Form

If the lot or ramp you prefer has a waiting list, you will be asked to complete our WAITING LIST FORM. When a spot opens up in that lot, you will then be contacted by a BCAR representative at that time.

Waiting List Form


Deposit Fee Once You Receive a Spot

A $20.00 refundable card deposit fee ($30 for the Gallagher ramp) is due the first month to receive an “AVI” access device. This device will operate all gates at the ramp where you are a monthly customer. 
All customers are required to complete an application. You will be sent an application once your name is pulled from the waiting list of your desired location.
Monthlies that are called from the waiting list need to bring the application and payment to the BCAR Main Office at 221 Pearl St.  Office hours are 9am – 5pm. New monthlies are normally sold during the last week of the month to start on the first day of the next month. Monthly permits are not prorated. The fee covers the calendar month (1st through the last day of the month).  

Current Monthly Avails


Gallagher Ramp
499 Elmwood Ave.
Spaces NOW Available


Ellicott Oak Lot
205 Ellicott St
Spaces NOW Available

Current Waiting Lists

BCAR wait list

Adam Ramp - 343 Washington St

One Seneca Ramp - 1 Seneca Center

Augspurger Ramp - 362 Pearl St

Fernbach Ramp - 200 Pearl St

Turner Ramp - 1 Perkins Drive

Mohawk Ramp - 477 Washington St
No longer accepting names for waiting list

Main Place Ramp - 223 Pearl St
No longer accepting names for waiting list




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