Monthly Parking

Monthly Parking: A designated number of parking spaces are available at each location for monthly parking permits. At this time, all of our locations currently have waiting lists for monthly parking. A $20.00 refundable card deposit is due the first month to receive an “AVI” access device that operates the gate. All customers are required to complete an application. Monthlies that are called from the waiting list  need to bring the application and payment to the BCAR Main Office at 221 Pearl St.  Office hours are 9am – 5pm.  New monthlies are normally sold during the last week of the month to start on the first day of the next month. Monthly permits are not prorated. The fee covers the calendar month (1st through the last day of the month).   Checks or Money Orders only. Waiting List: Currently, the following locations have waiting lists for monthly parking permits:
  • Adam
  • Mohawk
  • Ellicott Oak
  • Main Place
  • Turner
  • Augspurger
  • Fernbach
If you are interested in adding your name to the waiting list, please call the BCAR office at 849-5812 (Ext. 310) from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM or contact us at